Your Real Estate Guide

In the East Bay, CA

Your Real Estate Guide

In the East Bay, CA

Client Testimonials


Rebecca is highly responsive through email, text, calls, you name it, I was very impressed with her responsiveness. Moreover, she is knowledgeable and will look out for you. I ALWAYS felt taken care of by her and knew I could count on her for anything I needed. She also has strong roots in the industry/community and has strong relationships with other Realtors which can make the process run much smoother. 


Rebecca listened and I felt like she represented me with my best interest in mind. She helped with everything including ordering inspections, negotiating, scheduled showings, made phone calls on my behalf, etc., and never made a decision without quickly checking with me. 


My wife and I are extremely grateful for Rebecca for helping us buy our first home. We had worked with several real estate agents over the last few years and definitely rank Rebecca as #1. She went way above and beyond what was expected.


Very glad we chose Rebecca. She helped us sell fast and at a better price than we imagined. She really listened to our ideas and was very patient with us. Rebecca made it easy!


Rebecca is the realtor of your dreams! My husband and I had to move quite suddenly (we moved out two weeks after we found out we needed to move), we called Rebecca and she came in with such a positive and professional attitude! She had a game plan, and a back up game plan and just kept hustling for us!  Rebecca went above and beyond to help us in every aspect of selling our home. She made herself available to us when we had questions or concerns, she was a fierce negotiator, she kept us informed and up to date, she was such a blessing!  Whether you are buying or selling call Rebecca, you can thank me later!


Rebecca is by far the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. After interviewing 4 other realtors, none of them even came close to being as nice, understanding and attentive to the needs of our situation than Rebecca did. After one meeting with her, my parents immediately demanded from me that she sell our home. She went above and beyond what we were expecting, she made sure that our property was vigorously marketed through all the different Real Estate websites to ensure the highest viability. With her amazingly hard work and attention to detail, we had no less than 50 different realtors come through our property in a mere 7 days... On day 8 our property sold.


Rebecca helped us find our new home in Castro Valley. I love many things about her, but the best thing was she never pushed us to bid on anything. There was one home I was not very impressed with, but as I was discussing the home's good points, she stopped me and said "Don't force yourself to like it." She's not about making a sale, but making you happy. When we finally placed a bid on our home, she made herself available to let us in on more than one occasion to have contractors and inspectors look at the property. She gave her cell and would text us back within minutes at almost any time of day. She's a great agent. My husband and I decided to make her out friend. She's that amazing. 🙂


I only have positive things to say about Rebecca. After speaking with a few realtors I was so happy to meet one who cared about what I wanted and helped me find exactly what I was looking for. She helped me feel comfortable through the whole purchasing process and went the extra mile for me after the sale that I know other realtors would not do. I would highly recommend her.
Rebecca Sayami Real Estate

Licensed Real Estate Agent

in East Bay Area, California

Looking for a perfect place to call home? Or, planning to sell your house? I can help!

With over 14 years of experience in the industry, Rebecca Sayami Real Estate is one of the most trusted names in the area.

My Approach

Whether you are buying a home or selling one, I know that it is a delicate time for you. I believe that my clients deserve my full attention and spectacular services to make sure that they are making the right choice.

Constant Guidance

Real Estate transactions can be tricky. There is a lot of information, legalities, and regulations involved in the process that can seem overwhelming.

This is where I come in. I help you understand the process in ways you understand the best to make informed decisions. My clients and their happiness are my top priorities, and I use my knowledge, experience, and expertise to make sure that they get the best deals.

The Rebecca Sayami Advantage

Rebecca Sayami Real Estate

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Rebecca Sayami Real Estate

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Rebecca Sayami Real Estate

Experienced with local Real Estate Knowledge

Rebecca Sayami Real Estate

Places Clients interests first and foremost